I’m going to give a go to Smart Touch from Montibello, a great novelty of complex working (12in1). Will it nourish my hair? Is Smart Touch 12in1 worth its price? Let us see.

Montibello advertises its Smart Touch conditioner as a professional cosmetic for hair care, which works in the nick of time.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of these big advertising slogans promising immediate results and all that jazz. As far as I remember, it took approximately a week for the fastest cosmetic I used to produce noticeable effects. Maybe Montibello Smart Touch will surprise me, who knows?

The composition of Montibello 12in1 is a long list of weird names, where I found several interesting ingredients. The producer claims that the effective working of Montibello conditioner is due to hydrolysed proteins of plant origins (as it turned out, these hydrolysed proteins are wheat and vegetable proteins) combined with peptide bondings. It does not clarify anything to me. What do ring a bell instead, are aqua and two types of alcohols: cetyl and stearoyl. What is more, the composition includes glycerine, carnation essential oil and coumarin.

Montibellois a conditioner that is supposed to work in a 12 different ways to counteract all possible problems connected with hair. My strands are not as nourished and moisturized as I would like them to be because of frequent dyeing. What is more, the strands have this annoying tendency to get frizzy and are brittle. Obviously, also my ends’ condition is poor. And this is why I decided to buy a conditioner. Montibello Smart Touch lured me with its fairly low price and complex action. Additionally, this product is supposed to boost volume, protect from UV radiation, rejuvenate hair and provide heat styling protection – I’m rather indifferent to these features. It’s totally fine that the conditioner is able to work this way, yet it is not my greatest concern.

I’m going to test Montibello conditioner next Sunday. For the time being, I bought a 50 ml version of the product. I’ll get the bigger bottle when it turns out that the conditioner improved condition of my hair. I’ll share my thoughts about the product in two weeks because it is the period Smart Touch needs to heal hair. See you soon!