Sea-buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil is extracted from either seeds or pulp of a tree that shares the same name with the oil. The product has liquid consistency, red-and-orange colour, and fruity flavour. Sea buckthorn oil should be stored in a tightly closed bottle that is made of dark glass.

It is possible to preserve the looked-for features only by keeping the product in a fridge or a room in which the temperature does not rise above 25°C.

Sea buckthorn oil takes care of hair, face and body skin. It helps with moisturizing and nourishing complexion as it counteracts hair loss. If we would like to obtain this kind of positive result then sea buckthorn oil should be applied in both ways: form the inside and the outside. Everyday consumption of the product produces quite impressive results. In short, dry hair is moisturized, glossy and sleek again. Scalp, in turn, becomes clean, fresh, and toned.

Dry hair can be treated with homemade hair wash. In order to prepare such a cosmetic, you will need a few drops of sea buckthorn oil, castor oil, and chamomile infusion. All the ingredients have to be mixed and applied on hair. The product can be rinsed after more or less 30 minutes. For those who have greasy hair, it is suggested rubbing sea buckthorn oil right into scalp, 30 minutes before shampooing. Nettle infusion is good at removing the oil from hair. The truth is, each hair type, without exceptions, can be treated with sea buckthorn oil. It can be mixed with other cosmetic oils (like, for example, rapeseed oil or castor oil), left on hair for two hours, and wash down precisely afterwards.

Sea buckthorn oil has properties preventing hair loss and dandruff. What is more, it has natural sun protection filter and many other, extremely precious substances when it comes to hair care. However, it is important to remember that sea buckthorn oil stains skin and clothes. Therefore, each application should be preceded by dilating the oil with water, other washing cosmetic or other oil.