Sesame oil

As it is not hard to guess, sesame oil is extracted from sesame seeds. It should be cold pressed and non-refined. It is characterized by nutty flavour. When it comes to its colour, it is somewhere between brown and yellow. It should be stored at room temperature and used within 6 months since opened.

Sesame oil has plenty of features that influence hair condition in a positive way.

If applied on hair roots regularly, it makes hair colour darker and, at the same time, prevents greying, unwanted reflexes and bright strands. What is more, sesame oil enhances hair growth as it makes hair thicker. How it is possible? The product is absorbed fast into scalp and is able to find its way between hair cuticles to reach hair cortex. Moreover, sesame oil protects hair against destructive working of solar radiation by creating a kind of protective barrier around strands.

It is also worth mentioning that sesame oil is powerful enough to combat plenty of skin diseases. When combined with other oils, including essential oils, it regulates work of sebaceous glands and, at the same time, limits excessive sebum production. Furthermore, sesame oil works easing and smoothing. Suffice to mix one spoon of an oil and one spoon of sesame oil and apply the mixture on hair. The mixture has to be rinsed after a few hours using a shampoo. Sesame oil can be also used as an additive to ready-made care cosmetics available in drugstores as well as to the homemade ones. It can be also used for oil hair treatment.

Sesame oil has a lot of other assets. It counteracts dehydration, epidermis exfoliation, and hair loss. Sesame oil hair treatment restores fatigued hair that was damaged by frequent hairdresser’s treatments (dyeing, perm, strengthening, blow-drying). When applied directly on scalp, it strengthens hair roots and hair shafts, prevents split ends and frizziness of hair. What is also interesting, if applied on hair right after washing, it facilitates combing and hair setting.