cocoa butter

Coca butter is extracted from cacao tree beans that grows in Africa, Indonesia as well as north and central regions of America. Powdered coca is made of the very same plant. Coca butter has scent of dark chocolate. When it comes to the consistency, it is similar to dense mass, which gets more elastic after warming it up. If refined, coca butter loses its aroma and precious active substances.

It has to be stored in a tightly closed container, at room temperature, and kept away from sources of light and moisture.

Coca butter is produced in a form of small, bright yellow, flattened balls. It melts in contact with skin or when put into a water bath. The product can be combined with a cosmetic oil as well. Melted coca butter is easy spread all over a body, and what is even more important, it does not leave any sticky layer on skin. It gets absorbed into body and face skin pretty fast. It relieves irritated lips too. However, the most essential feature of coca butter is fact that it works beneficially for dehydrated hair.

Women who have low and high porosity hair should give a go to coca butter. Basically, coca butter treatment is recommended for all damaged and dry hair owners. However, it is worth remembering that coca butter is extremely hard to be removed from hair, even if applied in scarce amounts. In order to get rid of the cosmetic, and leave strands and scalp fresh, one has to use either a conditioner or a delicate shampoo and warm yet not hot water. Furthermore, Coca butter can be used as a component of creams and conditioners.

Coca butter softens, smooths and moisturizes hair – this can be taken for granted. What is more, the cosmetic is also able to nourish scalp. The most preferable manner of application is putting the product directly on dry hair, right before washing. When applied on hair ends and left till absorbed fully, coca butter works regenerating. During the summer the cosmetic protects hair against solar radiation and salty seawater. What might be surprising for some people, coca butter defines hair curls.