Palm oil

Palm oil is extracted from either flesh or seeds of African oil palm also known as macaw-fat, one of the palm-oil plants species. At room temperature a raw oil has yellow and brown shade, yet, when refined it is solid and either white or bright yellow in colour.

What is interesting, palm oil is used for margarine, cosmetics, and lubricants production.

What are the features of this product? It is easy to observe that palm oil is just perfect at moisturization, nourishment, smoothing and neutralizing free radicals. Moreover, it can be used as a toning and cleansing product as well. Certainly, palm oil can be used for oil hair treatment as well as for L.O.C. Method. Basically, palm oil will also work wonders when combined with either cosmetics available in a drugstores or homemade care products.

Palm oil can be applied both on dry or damp hair as well as just after or before hair shampooing. The quantity of the product to apply depends on hair porosity type, degree of hair deterioration, susceptibility to cosmetic absorption and how fast it takes a scalp to get greasy. If we want to speed up the oil’s manner of working, and to make the treatment produce better results, we can put on a bath cap and wrap our hair with a towel. In this way, warmth is generated that accelerates penetration of nourishing substances deep into hair roots.

The best idea is to apply palm oil no higher than on the ear-level slowly working the way down to the very ends of the hair. Then, it is advisable to set a bun on top of the head and leave the cosmetic on overnight. In the morning, hair has to be washed with a SLS-free shampoo. There is yet another very important thing that must be remembered when using the oil. Unfortunately, palm oil stains clothes, bedclothes and skin. Therefore, while applying, it is suggested trying to omit face and neck skin area. You can also make use of an old towel and a well-worn t-shirt.

Palm oil is suitable even for greasy hair. Due to regular application, hair becomes soft, smooth, and glossy. Application has to be conducted twice a week until hair becomes visibly stronger and the effect obtained is the one looked-for.