Black cumin oil

Black-caraway oil is extracted due to cold press of black-caraway seeds. This plant was know to ancient people leaving in Egypt, Turkey and Asia. There are two types of the oil: natural and raw. The first one has pale brown shade, is bitter and is characterized by spicy flavour. It is not an oil which is resistant to high temperatures therefore, it must not be heated up. For the same reason black-caraway oil should be stored in a fridge.

When it comes to the raw version of the oil, it is characterized by intensive aroma, deep brown colour and being slightly bitter in taste.

Both natural and raw black-caraway oil have similar properties. They are recommended for acne and allergic skin type care. What is more, both oils have antioxidant and anti-bacterial working. When it comes to hair care precisely, raw black-caraway oil produces much better results. It helps with fighting against dandruff, allergies of skin and dermatomycosis. What is more, it is able to strengthen breakable hair, especially the one with tendency to falling out. Black-caraway oil also helps to nourish frizzy strands, strengthens hair roots, and stimulates hair growth. Additionally, hair becomes gifted with shine, softness and elasticity. It should be applied on high porosity hair only.

Black-caraway oil can be used for L.O.C. Method (Leave-In conditioner, Oil and Cream). In short, this technique depends on applying an oil on hair in two hours before shampooing. Next, hair has to be washed with a shampoo that does not contain any dehydrating ingredients. The last step consists in putting on a conditioner and a small amount of hair oil.

Application of black-caraway oil is very easy. It is enough just to rub a small amount of the product into both scalp and hair, and then rinse it with a shampoo. What is also worth mentioning, black-caraway oil seeds may be used for a homemade body scrub, a toner or an infusion. Furthermore, this plant can enrich taste of meals when added to salads, cheese or puree. What might be surprising, black-caraway is believed to be one of the best medical plants that has ever been discovered by a man. If your hair is super damaged or weakened, then it is high time to reach for black-caraway oil.