Wypadanie włosów - Wypróbuj olejek do włosów

Indeed, hair loss is a knotty problem many women are confronted with. There are plenty of reasons why this kind of an ailment occurs. The most common ones are stress, poor diet, stimulants (alcohol, cigarettes), hormone fluctuations, application of aggressive cosmetics, hairdresser’s treatments (dyeing, perm, blow-drying, strengthening, curling, etc.) and even tying hair with a tight rubber. As a consequence, hair becomes breakable and starts falling out.

The general deterioration of hair’s condition can be accompanied with other ailments like early hair greying, dandruff, and excessive sebum production.

Not only lack of vitamins and minerals cause hair loss. Such a state might be the result of us not supplying hair with fatty acids. Such precious elements can be found, for example, in cosmetic oils. The most popular oils that can be used for hair care are castor oil, linseed oil, and argan oil.

Castor oil is an easy-accessible cosmetic – it can be bought in almost every drugstore or pharmacy and it costs not much. This kind of a product can be mixed with water. It will be easier to apply this type of a homemade conditioner if poured into a bottle with atomiser first. However, if we would like to strengthen and regenerate hair in a more efficient way, it is suggested applying other method of hair care. It is better to rub a small amount of the cosmetic into scalp. Actually, a massage given to scalp boosts blood circulation and makes all the nourishing substances get into hair roots way faster.

Problematic though might appear the consistency of the oil. It is rather dense therefore, considerable amount of time has to be devoted to the last stage of this kind of hair care – hair washing. What is more, castor oil is not recommended for fair hair since it has hair darkening properties. The oil’s manner of working is improved when hair is wrapped with a towel. Both amount of the oil applied as well as time devoted to the treatment depend on condition and extend of strands damage.

When it comes to linseed oil, it can be applied in two different ways. First of all, it can be drunk every evening or just added to salads. Secondly, it can be applied as a hair wash. Linseed oil contains E vitamin, polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega–3, Omega–6 and monounsaturated acids. This oil has to be rubbed into damaged and dehydrated hair, focusing mainly on hair ends. What is more, linseed contracts dandruff, breakable hair and is good at healing numerous scalp ailments.

Argan oil is one of the most popular hair care products. Because of its origins and shade, it is also called ‘Liquid Gold of Morocco’. It contains a lot of precious vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Actually, argan oil can be applied not only on hair. It is also recommended for body and face skin care. It has moisturizing, smoothing and nourishing features. Moreover, it prevents wrinkles and discolorations. If applied regularly, argan oil counteracts split ends and frizziness.