Który olejek do włosów jest najlepszy

The truth is, it is hard to pick a cosmetic that answers hair needs and meets our expectations all at once. The same dilemma is faced while picking a hair care cosmetic. Keep reading the article to learn which hair oil will be the most suitable for your hair.

Firstly, define needs of your hair precisely. Learn porosity type of the strands – in other words, how raised are the cuticles. Actually, this is the very feature that determines which hair oil to choose. Additionally, you should learn needs of you hair – are your strands carving for moisturization, smoothing or regeneration? What is more, hair oil can be also suitable for hair styling especially when using heat-producing devices. Another advantage, this kind of a natural cosmetic facilitates separating tangled hair.

Furthermore, hair oil can be applied on hair right before sunbathing – such a coat shields strands against solar radiation.

Secondly, the product can be used for oil hair treatment. And again, type of an oil has to be selected the same way as for other hair care methods – it all depends on the hair porosity type. Equally important are the the substances included into an oil’s composition. The most important are fatty acids like Omega–3, Omega–6, Omega-7, and Omega–9. Their concentration determines, for example, manner of oil’s absorption, the way in which the substances take care of hair, or whether they are easy to remove or not. Furthermore, choice of the right oil depends also on hair and scalp types. Sesame, coconut, jojoba, almond and argan oils are perfect for dry and damaged hair treatment. Greasy hair should be treated with jojoba or olive oil. Tea tree oil will help scalp with fighting against dandruff.

Thirdly, hair oil has to be of the highest quality possible. Is it even possible to verify this feature? Luckily enough, suffice to find the information whether an oil is cold pressed and non-refined. Cold press process means that the seeds were not heated up while extracting the oil out of them. If an oil is non-refined, it means that the product was not deprived of any vitamins or minerals. Cold press destroys neither fatty acids nor vitamins included into oils. Refining, in other words, is a kind of purification process that eliminates, among others, nourishing substances from a liquid (in this case, from an oil).

Fourthly, it is best when hair oil is bought straight from oil mills. The label should contain all information connected with the composition, manner of obtaining the oil and its storage. To help the oil with preserving its freshness, it has to be stored in a bottle made of dark glass and kept away from warmth and solar exposure. If an oil is bought in a pharmacy or in an eco-shop, it is considered as a good practice to ask what was the environment in which the oil has been stored. When we finally follow all the above-mentioned steps, we can proceed with hair oil treatment.