shea butter

Shea Butter is extracted from a tree called Vitellaria. The place where these plants are grown is called ‘Shea belt’. It runs through 7 African countries such as Ghana, Togo and Nigeria, to name just a few of them. Europeans came across Shea Tree in 18th century. One hundred years later, the tree was classified as a botanical plant.

And all of these events were possible to happen due to Mungo Parka.

The oil extracted from Shea Tree has plenty of applications. It can be used for cooking, construction as well as for medical purposes. At present, Shea Butter has also application in a cosmetic industry. It is a very common ingredient of soap, creams, and hair masks. Fresh Shea Butter is characterized by nutty flavour – when refined, it is completely non-fragrant. Its colour varies accordingly to consistency and level of processing. Basically, Shae Butter should be stored in a dry and dark place. What is also surprising, this natural product does not go off and its healing features hold up to one year.

The truth is, Shea Butter contains plenty of ingredients that are extremely essential for health and beauty. What can be obtained due to this product? Surely, smooth skin, the one without wrinkles, and deep moisturization. Shea Butter has also irritations relieving features as it facilitates small wounds and scars healing processes.

How does Shea Butter affect hair? First of all, it strengthens follicles and relieves scalp irritations. Secondly, it smooths, moisturizes, and makes strands more elastic. Thirdly, this natural substance is able to restore shine to hair, nourish dry, damaged, and breakable strands. Furthermore, Shea Butter can be used for home hair spa. Just small amount of the product has to be warmed up on palms of the hands and then distributed on slightly damp hair. After 30 minutes, hair has to be washed so it does not look as if strands were greasy.