Olejowanie włosów

Oil hair treatment is a real knockout in the field of hair care. It gifts mane with smoothness, moisturization, nourishment, and gloss. How to follow the method the right way and what are the techniques of applying oils?

Oil Hair Treatment – Dry hair.
Oil hair treatment applied on dry hair is the first stage of L.O.C. Method (conditioner/hair oil – hair washing – conditioner/hair oil). It depends on distributing a hair oil on strands. We should start from applying the cosmetic on ear-level heading downwards. The additional dosage can be applied on the parts that are considerably damaged. It is worth remembering though, not to overdo with the amount of the oil. When the oil finally coats all strands evenly, it is advisable to set hair in such a way to prevent the oil from staining clothes. What is more, time devoted to the treatment depend on two factors. It varies accordingly to the extent of hair damage and the speed of applied substances absorption. At the end, hair has to be washed with a delicate shampoo, most preferably the one that does not contain SLS.

The last stage of L.O.C. Method consists in applying a small quantity of oil on air-dried hair.

Oil Hair Treatment – Damp hair.
Take a bowl and fill it with one litre of boiled water. You can add a few drops of moisturizing products as well. These can be, for example, aloe extract, glycerine, or low-concentrated hyaluronic acid. Now, add a hair oil. Its quantity should vary accordingly to length, density, and condition of hair. If you are a beginner to oil hair treatment, reach for the most valuable oils – the ones that are cold pressed and non-refined. Put your hair in the mixture and hold it there for more or less a half of an hour. When the treatment is over and when we let hair air-dry, mane comes to be healthier and prettier. At the end, wash your hair with a delicate shampoo and apply a hair mask that facilitates combing.

Oil Hair Treatment – Hair mask and Hair oil.
People who do not have time for applying hair oil treatment can give a try to yet another method of hair care. Suffice to mix a favourite hair mask with a several drops of hair oil and put the mixture on hair. Apply starting from ear-level of your hair.

Hair Oil Treatment – Effects.
Undeniably, oil hair treatment is popular method of hair care. It produces highly satisfying effects on condition that oils are applied properly. Just one session run is enough to make hair moisturized and strengthened noticeably. For the best results possible, oil hair treatment should be conducted at least twice a week. Therefore, just after several weeks, hair turns into being glossy, regenerated, nourished, and smoothed. Furthermore, this kind of a treatment makes hair cuticles overlapping again. What is more, oil hair treatment provides protection from solar radiation and contaminants originated from the external environment. Furthermore, oils are able to strengthen scalp and which, oviously, has direct impact on mane.