Hair, just like skin need professional care. That is why we use hair masks, conditioners and oils; we use hair brushes and combs made of natural materials; we undergo special hair treatments. But that’s not all. Hair will certainly look better if we decorate them with hair clip or tie them with fancy elastic band. See for yourself, what accessories will be smart this season.

Hair clips are trendy once more. When you choose this gadget, remember not only about colourful pattern, interesting texture or original shape, but also about hair health. That is why you should choose hair clips, which won’t pull off or deform streaks when we put them on or take off. But that’s not all. Extremely important is material of which hair clips are made.

Obviously, best would be wooden, made of materials with high durability and quality (gold, silver, zircon), as well as those without plastic elements.

Plaits are back. But to protect streaks from falling out you should use elastic band or scrunchy. Best will be those hair ties without metal links. If you use hair tie made of natural materials, you won’t worsen their condition and you’ll avoid hair loss and damages. Almost every shop sells elastic bands and scrunchies. For more complicated hair styles try very small elastic bands. Gadget protects streaks, but can also cause many problems. Be careful, so that hair tie wouldn’t damage hair and didn’t interfere with their inner structure.

No hair style can work without colourful decorations, beautifications and other interesting gadgets. You can decorate hair with headbands, which will be really smart this season. They not only look aesthetic, but also provide streaks with proper shape and character. Classic black headband will fit every hair style, but remember that equally great will be colourful, decorated with shimmering diamante or gems headband.