Kallos Hair Botox is a hair mask with keratin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, dedicated for hair care of dry and damaged hair, long hair deprived of volume, but also for sensitive and dry scalp. It consists of oils, which additionally indicate regenerative properties. How does Kallos Hair Botox work?

Kallos Hair Botox is a hair mask, which isn’t hairdresser’s cosmetic.

For some it may seem odd, because this product perfectly nourishes both hair and scalp. Cosmetic is available in shops with professional hairdresser’s products, but can also be bought in regular shops. The price of this hair mask isn’t high. This is great news for people who care about low price, amazing properties and efficiency. Kallos Hair Botox has a large white 1000ml/34 Oz. packaging. Have you ever seen such a big packaging of hair care cosmetic? Of course, product is also very efficient. What is more, consistency of cosmetic is thick, but not too much, so that the application wouldn’t be too difficult. Some may dislike scent – soap like; fortunately it doesn’t stay on hair.

According to the Kallos Hair Botox label, the entire scalp treatment should take five minutes – that is how long mask should be “kept” on hair. However, it won’t do any harm if you keep hair mask a bit longer on the entire hair length, for example for an hour or over night. You should remember about few basic rules. Manufacturer advises to wash hair before application; though according to some bloggers you can just make hair wet. Apply cosmetic on the entire hair length; leave small space between scalp and the point you apply hair mask. To improve properties of Kallos Hair Botox hair mask, wrap hair in a towel. Between towel and scalp will create heat, which will accelerate absorption of nourishing ingredients, boost blood circulation and strengthen follicles. Additionally, hair cuticles will open and cosmetic will be able to penetrate hair structures. To finish treatment, wash your hair and leave them to dry.

Kallos Hair Botox regenerates even very damaged and dry hair. Thanks to it streaks become thicker; it seems like there is more hair than before application of product. What is more, hair are easier in combing and stylisation. They gain healthy gloss and become smoother and softer in touch. Improvement of hair and scalp condition is noticeable after first use. Product sticks to hair, doesn’t mess skin, clothes or sheets. It is extremely easy in use and effective.