Products from Regenerum were attracting my attention for quite some time now. The entire line of products based on complex regeneration of given body part is in my opinion the best idea ever. I decided to test Regenerum hair regenerating serum. Why?

Since my hair got damaged by permanent strengthening I try to find cosmetic, which would restore their gloss and vitality.

How does Regenerum hair regenerating serum work?

Regenerum hair regenerating serum, according to the manufacturer, should strengthen and nourish damaged hair, which were weaken by harmful external factors, chemical or thermal treatment (just like in my case – permanent straightening). Additionally, Regenerum should make easier brushing and stylisation, thanks to restoration of smoother and gloss, but also thanks to deep nourishment. I just hope that my hair won’t be weighted down or loose their volume.

Manufacturer promises, that Regenerum for hair will:

– regenerate and strengthen hair structure,
– deeply nourish hair,
– make them elastic to avoid their breakage,
– restore gloss and softness,
– moisturise scalp,
– nourish hair cells,
– eliminate frizzing and electrifying,
– make easy combing and stylisation.

What ingredients will we find in Regenerum hair regenerating serum?

Regenerum works base on active vegetable components extracted from the seeds of carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua), which was enriched with natural extract from soy and wheat germ, but also panthenol (provitamin B5) and castor oil. I have to admit that composition of Regenerum is promising.

First impression on the product after purchase of Regenerum for hair?

Packaging of Regenerum for hair is exceptionally small, about 125ml of serum. The price isn’t that high, but I fear that product won’t last for the whole treatment. It has sweet scent (I don’t mind it) and rather runny consistency, which – I hope – will make application easier. In general, it seems promising, but about effects of treatment I will be able to talk about after at least two weeks of use.