My problem for quite some time now is hair dryness. What’s weird is that they are not very damaged or with high porosity, but despite of that they are still not soft or delicate. Silicones are too heavy for my hair, oils makes them greasy and most of products dedicated for dry hair only make this whole situation worse. Today, I will try intensively regenerating hair mask Karité from French Rene Furterer brand. The announcement of the test will be mostly focused on the description of ingredients and properties of the mask summed up with my expectations. The last one I will confront with the results in my next review. Let’s begin!

Intensively regenerating Karité mask is a modern edition of the iconic product from the 50s from Rene Furterere.

This formula combines properties of deeply moisturising Karité butter, strengthening Quince pectin, responsible for repair of hair structure formula Cimentrio® and other active ingredients. Let’s see what will we find in the composition of this hair mask.

Karité extract is an ingredient gathered from African sacred tree. For ages Karité butter was valued for its great absorption and big amount of nourishing ingredients, which make Rene Furterer mask so great. This particular ingredient is supposed to make hair deeply nourished and naturally beautiful and healthy.

Another ingredient is a Quince extract that grows on the coast of Caspian Sea. Experts from Rene Furterer laboratories gather only the most valued pectins from Quince seed. They have strong moisturising properties and are rich in natural enhancing substances, which support regeneration.

The most mysterious is Cimentrio® formula, that in fact are proteins and phospholipids. In contrary to appearances, Cimentrio® is an entirely natural ingredient from soy, that in structure resembles of lipid cell membrane of human. This ingredient is expected to protect hair against harmful external factors and regenerate them.

That is all about natural ingredients from all the parts of this world, which can be found in Karité Rene Furterer mask. By discussing ingredients I also explained properties of the mask, so I don’t think there is a need for me to say anything more on the subject. What do I expect? All the things promised by manufacturer on the site – hair repair, easier combing, easier stylisation and silky smoother, that I lack.