tea tree oil

Tea Tree Oil is extracted in a process of distillation of leaves that grow on a tree coming from Australia and New Zealand. Healing features of the oil were already known one hundred years ago. Tea tree oil was used for dermatological problems, oral cavity infections and as a disinfectant.

The most common application of tea tree oil is connected with acne skin care. The product can be used as antibacterial and antifungal product. What is more, tea tree oil is good at scalp and hair care. Definitely, this natural product will be helpful with fighting against dandruff, lice, and excessive sebum production. If applied regularly, it will moisturize, relieve irritations, and freshen up scalp. And as it is not hard to guess, healthy scalp equals strong and beautiful hair.

Tea tree oil can be used in three different ways. For example, we can use it for oil hair treatment. Several drops of tea tree oil have to be combined with other oils that match hair porosity and scalp type. Such a mixture should be left on hair for around an hour and then washed down with a shampoo. Secondly, tea tree oil can be used as an additive to a shampoo. These two substances have to be precisely mixed (you can also add water), applied on scalp, and after five minutes washed down with lukewarm water. Thirdly, tea tree oil also produces positive outcomes when used as a hair wash. Suffice to add two drops of the oil into a glass of water.

In order to enable the oil mix with the liquid, it is suggested adding a teaspoon of milk.

Due to tea tree oil, hair becomes soft, elastic, and sleek. When applied regularly, all strands turn into being naturally glossy and fresh. Scalp in turn becomes relieved, clean, and moisturized. And what is most important, the problem of dandruff or other scalp ailments simply disappears. However, people with dry hair have to be careful. Longer use of tea tree oil may lead to scalp dehydration. As a consequence, hair becomes matte and rough to the touch as scalp may start producing greater amounts of sebum.