I love simple and intense hair treatments. As a typical hair lover I couldn’t resist possibility of another test. This time I chose Pantene Pro-V, protection against hair loss in four steps. I will focus on just one cosmetic out of the line, which caught my attention. I am talking about 2-minute hair fall control intensive hair mask.

Pantene Protection Against Hair Loss

The newest line of cosmetics for hair care from Pantene is a two weeks, effective treatment against hair loss in four steps. Step 1 is a cleanse with shampoo. Step 2 is a moisture with conditioner. Step 3 is the most interesting part for me, because here we have restoration with 2-minute hair mask. Step 4 is a protection with tonic.

Whole line focuses on protection and strengthening of hair root to prevent hair loss in just 14 days. I am very happy that Hair Fall Control line was launched by Pantene right now, because for few weeks now I futilely tried to resolve problem of hair loss after winter. I use all the products from this line, but today I will focus on 2-minute hair mask.

2-minute Intensive Strengthening Hair Mask

Novelty from Pantene Pro-V is a highly intensive hair mask for damaged hair and problem of hair loss. Despite of cleanse with shampoo and moisturise with conditioner hair will still need intensive strengthening. That is how 2-minute hair mask from Pantene works. It is not only supposed to protect against hair loss, but also, in particular strengthen, repair and regenerate hair. Those are effects I noticed.

Two minute hair mask from Pantene is an advanced treatment for hair, which makes hair elastic and resistant to damages. Where do these properties come from? When we read composition of the product we can notice two interesting ingredients – vitamin B3 and provitamin B5. This vitamin mix penetrates deep structures of delicate and brittle hair, provides protection, but mostly strengthens bulbs.

Mask is easy in application, and to cover whole hair and massage it in scalp you do not need much of a product. Pantene Pro-V made sure that 2-minute hair mask works in express time, so we rinse it a moment after application on hair (just like a conditioner). In spite of such a short time, Intensive Strengthening Hair Mask works really well. At least I noticed significant improvement of hair condition and lack of hair loss on my hair.