Today I would like to tell you about Olaplex, hair regenerating treatment, that you were asking about many times. Currently, I’m thinking about undergoing the treatment (surely, I’ll write a review about it), because I’m talked into this thanks to positive opinions of blogger’s. What is Olaplex? How it is performed? Whom is it recommended to? What is Olaplex all about?

Olaplex is a set of products designed for hair care, that are created with decolorized and lightened-up hair in mind.

During these hairdresser’s procedures as well as during other chemical interferences into hair structure, due to mechanical damages or because of exposing hair to high temperatures the structure of hair becomes damaged.

The main aim of Olaplex is regeneration of damaged hair structure, and as a consequence, to provide deep regeneration, softening, smoothing and shine restore. I haven’t decolorized my hair nor I exposed it to very invasive treatments but still, my hair is greatly damaged. Obviously, I’m counting on Olaplex treatment that it will free me from my hair problem.

The advantage of Olaplex products is their safe formula. It does not contain sulphate, phthalates, silicones, aldehydes, gluten nor DEA. The products have never been tested on animals either. Great respect should be paid to the producer for not bring into being another full of toxins and chemical mixtures cosmetic that is said to heal our hair. Olaplex is hailed as a miracle that is expected to save even the most damaged hair by bringing back vitality to its structure.

This is the only treatment which is to restore the damaged structure of hair for good – not only work regenerating and nourishing. The thing that convinces me most is the effect that is supposed to last until next damage. With this in mind, we can assume that if we treat our hair right (after Olaplex treatment), it will maintain its good condition for good.

How does the treatment look? One of my hairdressers explained me in a very detailed way how Olaplex treatment is done. The first step, damped hair is coated with the first preparation – Olaplex Bon Multiplier. This step can be combined with hair dyeing, lightning up or keratin straightening. The second step depends on applying Olaplex Bond Perfector with an active ingredient that is supposed to fix hair structure. The last step is putting a hair mask on precisely shampooed hair.

Is it worth undergoing Olaplex treatment?

I don’t know yet. It’ll turn out when I try it on myself. Keep calm and wait for the review!