Grr, you don’t even know how frustrating to me is when I hear another commercial about miraculous preparation for split ends. I don’t even want to think how many people after seeing it will be convinced that split ends can be “cured”. In all that my frustration I decided to explain matter of split ends in this post.

I would want to dispel any untrue information. Split ends CANNOT be sealed! That is some kind of nonsense, made up by someone just for marketing purposes, just that they could underline how their product is unique. Just think about it ladies. If hair is dead then how can it seal back together? That is not a skin, which can heal after even the smallest damage. Cosmetics mentioned above can only sort of glue it temporarily.

Some silicones have properties similar to glue and solve this problem, but only for some time.

To sum up, split ends cannot be saved and have to be cut, while they are still not going any further. However, there are many ways how you can protect your hair against split ends. Prevention in this case is the only way. I introduce you my 15 methods.

1. Ends should be regularly cut. Always when even smallest damage appears.
2. Do not avoid silicones. Light and delicate silicones can protect hair against damages.
3. Avoid alcohol in cosmetics. Alcohol significantly dries hair, and that causes split ends.
4. Dry hair accordingly to the direction of their growth. Do not put blow dryer to your head and always use warm air.
5. Stop rubbing hair with a towel. Delicate strain is much safer.
6. Wash only scalp. Allow the rest of hair to be cleansed by foam “on the fly” while rinsing.
7. Quite thermal stylisation. Curler, straightener or even backcomb are not good for your hair.
8. Limit colourisation. If you have to, then just do the roots or use henna.
9.Protect hair. Mainly against harmful influence of sun, wind and salty and chlorinated water.
10. Regularly perform oil treatment. Hydrate hair with use of moisturising hair masks.
11. Comb hair really gently. Best will be wide-tooth comb.
12. Tie hair only with unitary elastic band. Those with metal elements tend to damage hair.
13. Eat healthy. Balanced diet is a base of hair nourishment from the inside out.
14. Protect hair against damages. Mostly mechanical, like cutting it in the zip fastener.
15. If you have long hair, tie them when you go to sleep. Try loose bun or plait. Hair won’t damage by friction.