Sticking out streaks, frizzing hair, wild strands, raised hair cuticles… That is how you can describe frizzing hair. This sort of hair usually appear on high porosity, damaged and very dry hair. Stylisation of frizzing hair is practically impossible.

Unless, you try checked out tricks form true hair lovers.

Firstly, emollients.

Use of cosmetics with emollients is a very effective way to deal with, so called fuzz on head. Those useful substances are contained in cosmetics from dragstore, but can be easily replaced with other preparations. We are talking here about cosmetic oil, silicon serum, conditioner and leave-in hair mask or even hand cream. You should, of course, never overdo with emollients, because then instead of smoother, moisture and provide of gloss, they will grease strands. Right after application of emollients on hair wrap hair in a bun and leave for few hours or over night.

Secondly, new cosmetics.

Perhaps, the cause of frizzing of your hair is improper conditioning. Great solution will be then change of cosmetics. What products should you choose? Try those with oils, silicones and emollients in the composition. Condition hair with preparations with minimal amount of proteins or humectants. However, do not overdo it. Remember also to combine them with emollients. If any of those changes didn’t work then try hair mask with flaxseed and oil applied before hair wash.

Thirdly, straightener and curler?

Yes! Though it sounds like a sentence for your hair, it is worth a go. Especially, when you have a big meeting, party or a date coming up. Before use of straightener or curler you can protect hair with thermo-protective product, and afterwards – moisturise them with leave-in conditioner or few drops of oil. Smoother of hair guaranteed! What is more, thanks to straightener or curler hair will gain look you could only dream about.