Unexpected change of weather, new cosmetic or way of conditioning, improper hair wash or combing. Those are just partial factors, which can cause that we experience bad hair day. As a result hair will be frizzing, greasy and flat. It is frightening to mention sudden devastation of strands or scalp irritations.

What should you do when you happen to deal with this unpleasant situation? Let’s see what causes bad hair day and how to survive it.

Why is bad hair day happening to you? You likely commit some conditioning mistakes. You probably upset balance between use of products with proteins, humectants and emollients. If your hair are deprived of volume, a bit greasy and clumped, then firmly you have delivered too little proteins and too much of humectants and emollients. Deficit of proteins causes hair to be slick or “sleek”. That can happen especially to the girls who too intensively moisturise hair and do not use products with keratin. In similar way hair look when you deliver to much humectants, like glycerine, aloe vera, honey, flaxseed or D-panthenol.

Excess of emollients results with weighted down hair. It is particularly visible, when you use cosmetic butters, silicones and paraffin. Did you know that this season oil treatment trend can also worsen hair condition? Of course, correctly conducted treatment won’t do harm. If you want to improve your hair appearance fast, wash them with shampoo with SLS or SELS, i.e. strong washing and cleansing substances.

Bad hair day is also when your hair are frizzing and dry. Leads to it conditioning with cosmetics which contain too little amount of emollients and humectants or with large concentration of proteins. Emollients and humectants can be supplied during oil treatment. Choose oil accordingly to the hair and scalp type. Apply it on hair and after about few hours wash hair with shampoo containing SLS. You can improve hair condition by using flaxseed hair mask or products with hyaluronic acid. Too large amount of proteins happens usually when you use home made cosmetics with egg, silk and keratin. How can you restore right condition of hair and scalp? Wash hair with shampoo that consists of SLS or SLES.