I’m back with news about Montibello Smart Touch spray conditioner. Did the revolutionary product with plant proteins and peptides answer my damaged hair needs? Will I buy the bigger version of the cosmetic? And what is the most important – would I recommend this Smart Touch by Montibello?

As I assumed, no revolution affected my hair after the first use of the product. Montibello Smart Touch does work in a complex way, yet not immediately. This wasn’t a great surprise to me because every reasonable person knows that nourishing substances need time to get into hair structure to start working. However, big plus is the fact that effects of Smart Touch were noticeable after three days. And this is the revolution I didn’t expect!

Another worth mentioning feature of the product, is its easy manner of application.

Smart Touch is really smart because the velvet mist of wonderful fragrance coats hair with just five sprays. Obviously, those whose hair is shorter than mine (fairly long, almost reaches my hips) will require fewer sprays. The formula of Smart Touch 12in1 provides great efficiency. I was using the product (a 50-mililiter bottle) way longer then I expected. I really appreciate this kind of cosmetics, that are not empty after just a few applications.

Did wheat and vegetable protein extract help my hair? Fifty-fifty. Surely, Montibello Smart Touch both moistures and nourishes because my hair becomes soft to the touch and visibly more glossy just after a few days. Due to the velvet consistency, the problem of frizzy hair was also tackled. Now, I find it way easier to set the hair in a hairdo or simply comb without pulling the hair out. Unfortunately, two weeks of Smart Touch 12in1 treatment is not enough to fix my split ends (which was promised by the producer). It appears that Montibello Smart Touch nourishes but not necessarily fixes all damaged areas of hair. Therefore, I had to trim my hair at a hairdresser’s just as I always have it done.

In conclusion, I can recommend this product for day-to-day hair care. If you are looking for good moisture, nourishment and smoothing of hair, then you shouldn’t be disappointed by Montibello Smart Touch. Nevertheless, do not expect any miraculous fixing outcomes. Personally, I’ll buy the product one more time because I like the efficiency and the formula of Montibello Smart Touch.