I love simple conditioning cosmetics for hair. Sadly, for good quality product you have to usually pay a lot. This time I had an opportunity to take part in Labrayon Laboratoires tests, which treated about regular hair care with Argilo Thérapie balm based on green clay. How does hair balm with clay work? Let me invite you to my short review.

Labrayon ensures us that Argilo Thérapie is a professional product for hair regeneration of hair in need of special restoration.

It is based on Portuguese clay, which balm formula has moisturising and smoothing properties. What in particular will we find in Argilo Thérapie? Main ingredient is Labrayon’s green clay straight from Portugal – rich in micro and macro-elements and mineral salts; source of silicon, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, calcium, selenium, sodium and aluminium. You can expect supplementation of mineral ingredients deficit in hair. Argilo Thérapie balm presents itself really great, in spite of presence of liquid paraffin in composition.

Cosmetic has small size, because standard bottle holds 3.4 fl. oz./100 ml. Efficiency of Argilo Thérapie I would rather grade as quite average – balm is difficult to administer, and its users complain that one packaging sometimes lasts for only 2-3 applications on long hair. It is true that you need a lot of balm to cover hair on their entire length; in my case Argilo Thérapie didn’t last long either. However, scent is quite nice. Formula of the balm leaves a lot to be desired, but its properties are something I am satisfied with. How did Labrayon Argilo Thérapie balm with green clay work on my dry and frizzing hair?

Labrayon encourages to test clay balm, for regeneration of hair fibres, deep nourishment, moisture and (what I think is interesting) thickening. I don’t know if in a matter of thickening Argilo Thérapie adds volume, but that is the effect I got after first use. This balm is also expected to ease combing and styling, but here opinions are divided. For me it worked, hair cuticles sealed, and hair were easier in stylisation.