I’m back, after two weeks of using Regenerum hair regenerating serum. Did Regenerum help my damaged with permanent straightening hair? Can I recommend use of serum of this brand for damaged hair? Read below.

At first I’d like to say that my hair really like this mask (in use it resembles all the regular hair masks), but unfortunately I am not in a 100% of women, who (according to manufacturer on the website) can confirm effectiveness of regeneration of damaged and fine hair. I think they should change their slogan. :)

Regenerum for damaged hair is a cosmetic with regenerating properties, which is based on complex of natural ingredients and you can’t deny it that its formula is matching hair needs.

It applies easily and absorbs almost immediately. I used Regenerum the way it was described on the packaging – I applied it on washed and still damp hair, then I massaged product into the scalp and hair on their entire length. Manufacturer advises rinsing after 5-10 minutes – I kept it on for a bit longer and rinsed it after 15 minutes. I additionally limited hair stylisation and use of straightener, curler and blow drier and I even stopped tying them. This way I wanted to boost properties of Regenerum for hair, but it was all for nothing.

Two weeks treatment didn’t give results I was expecting, because my hair didn’t regain their vitality from time before permanent straightening. I don’t know if the fault lies on side of the product or my hair – it is hard to assess that after simple observation. However, Regenerum for hair didn’t work as great as the manufacturer described it. My hair stopped frizzing (I had a problem with it since I remember), but – as I assumed it – hair became heavy after few uses of serum and they lost their volume. Perhaps, people with thick hair won’t observe that much of a difference after use, but on my fine hair it looked bad. The greatest minus of Regenerum regenerating hair serum is its durability – product maybe nourishes hair, but this effect is gone by the next day.