My hair were always very problematic for me, because are extremely weak and lack nourishing. That is why I devoted them much more attention than body care. I tried many recommended cosmetic products for hair, but today I’d like to focus on home made hair masks. Very often I treat my hair with a vitamin bomb made out of natural ingredients and combined together in one nourishing mask.

Below I want to introduce to you three most effective home made hair masks, which can be prepared with basic products you will surely find in your kitchen.

Strengthening hair mask

If you have a problem with weak and brittle hair then you have to check benign properties of coconut oil, honey and fresh pumpkin. I use this mask mostly in autumn, because then you can easily get a pumpkin and because hair desperately need nourishing before winter.


1 glass of fresh pumpkin,
1 teaspoon of raw honey,
1 teaspoon of natural yoghurt,
1 teaspoon of coconut oil.


Mix pumpkin on smooth paste. Coconut oil heat till it melts in a small mug on the stove or in microwave for several seconds or by dipping the oil packet in a dish with a very warm water. Rest of ingredients (pumpkin, honey, yoghurt) mix with the oil.

Apply this mask on wet hair and leave it on for 15 minutes. After this time rinse the mask and wash your hair. Thanks to the mask hair are stronger and an autumn treatment with few of such hair masks will give effect of thicker hair.

Moisturising hair mask

Most common problem of my hair in the autumn-winter season and right after winter is that they are noticeably dry. It is particularly difficult to restore their moisture and this hair mask works miracles even with as stubborn hair as mine.


1 fully-grown and soft banana,
1 spoon of raw honey,
few drops of almond oil.


Soften banana with a fork in a small bowl or container. Add honey and almond oil. Mix everything together to create one consistent mass.
This hair mask can be left on wet hair a little bit longer, I usually rinse it after 20 minutes and then wash my hair. Thanks to properties of banana, honey and almond oil hair gain vitality, smoother and are definitely less prone to break. This is perfect treatment for dry hair.

Hair mask for shiny hair

Each one of us dreams about glossy hair, but not all of us can have them. While using many hair products I came to one conclusion, that two basic elements of every hair mask are proteins and moisturising ingredients. That is why my last proposition is a hair mask with just two ingredients.


1 spoon of coconut oil,
1 egg white.


Similarly to strengthening hair mask, coconut has to be heated. To warm (not hot!) oil add egg white.

Apply hair mask on wet hair and leave it on for approximately 15 minutes, though you can keep it on a bit longer. After this time rinse it with cool water and wash hair. My hair after just one use of this mask are shiny.