For sure you had plenty of days when your hair frizz for no reason. Day was just a bit more humid than usually. In such situation, standard hair care turns out to be not enough. Conclusion comes to mind on its own. Do your hair not like humidity?

How is it possible when you use all those special products for hydration? Indeed, impossible!

For a long time, I thought it myself, that my hair do not like humid days, and I just cannot do anything about it. I made peace with the fact that in a rainy weather I have to make a plait or a ponytail. Every time I didn’t do it, my fringe curled in some ridiculous ways and hair were frizzy. That was a nightmare. What I didn’t know was that it wasn’t fault of humidity, but improper hair care.

Today I am richer in a secret knowledge. :)
Today I know what a DEW POINT is!

Let’s start with the most important thing. Hair, which do not like humidity? There is no such thing! Every hair, with no expectations, require right level of hydration to preserve healthy appearance and good condition. The difference is that every hair need different level of hydration. Excess water is not a good idea. That is when hair start to defy you.

To sum up:
Hair like humidity, but do not tolerate excess of it.

Now to the key matter. What is it about dew point? The definition says that DEW POINT is the temperature at which dew forms. It means that the higher dew point the more “moist” day. For this reason, it is important to take into consideration dew point while deciding on given hair care.

Usually, when weather is optimal, we use humectants for a conditioning of hair (i.e. substances binding and retaining water). We often combine them with emollients, which are particularly helpful in the winter. Such hair care is supposed to provide proper level of hydration for hair and do not allow dryness.

On days when dew point is high, you can do some harm to your hair with this type of conditioning. Humidity of air is higher than usual and that means humectants will be able show what they can do. They will absorb large amounts of water, which will significantly exceed demand. As you know, excess can be harmful.

Quit humectants in “moist” days with high dew point.