Almond oil

Almond oil is made of almond tree nuts that are called simply almonds. The finest oil should be cold pressed and cannot be refined – only then does it preserve all the nourishing and caring features. What is more, the oil is characterized by bright yellow colour, sweet taste and almost insensible flavour. This natural product can be used for hair, face and body skin care. Another key point to mention, almond oil is also known as dry oil. Why? Because it has a composition similar to human body’s structure. For that reason, it is easy to apply, is absorbed fast and does not leave any sticky layers on body surface. It is worth pointing out that almond oil can be used as the oil phase for homemade preparations. With this in mind, we can produce cosmetics designed especially for body, face, or hair care on our own. It is crucial to remember though that this kind of a homemade cosmetic has to be used within four-six months.

This is exactly for how long it is safe to apply almond oil on a body.

How does almond oil work when applied on hair? Thanks to systematic application of almond oil, damaged and dry hair are expected to restore its good condition. What is more, breakable hair as well as hair loss should not be problem any longer. Additionally, this natural substance is able to nourish, smooth, and gifts hair with gloss. It also prevents split ends. How to apply almond oil? In short, the product has to be put on the hair by running palms through strands length. After around an hour the oil should be removed using a delicate shampoo. This kind of a procedure can be reapplied once a week. Two or three sessions per week are suggested for super damaged hair.

Moreover, almond oil is known for its protective features. The product can be applied right before sunbathing, visiting swimming pool or in winter, especially when we do not wear any hat. It is also worth coating hair ends with almond oil since these are the very hair parts that get damaged easily. To conclude, almond oil will coat every single hair with special protective barrier. The ‘shield’ counteracts solar radiation, chlorine and other impurities that derive from external environment.

Which almond oil is the best?

Choosing almond oil is an important issue that largely determines whether our skin and hair will get along with the hair oil treatment (especially when they are sensitive to other cosmetics). Therefore, it’s advised to reach for proven products among which, undoubtedly, the highest place is taken by Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil. It’s cold-pressed and unrefined which means that this oil allows us to take care of our hair and body in a natural way. The product composition is entirely made up of certified almond oil that:

  • nanoil almond oileases all irritations
  • penetrates fast
  • erases wrinkles and cellulite
  • leaves skin elastic
  • is natural UV filter
  • nourishes, moisturizes and reinforces
  • enhances hair shine
  • makes skin silky smooth

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