Some time ago, I wrote an entry on hair treatment for dyed and lighted-up hair – Olaplex. I mentioned that probably I’m going to undergo this kind of treatment. I did even some consultations at a hairdresser’s. And eventually, I decided to treat my hair with Olaplex. Now, I’m going to describe how the treatment looks, and what is most important, what effects it produces. And I have plenty to talk about!

Olaplex is performed together with hair lightening-up procedure because it’s aim is to prevent damages caused by this very treatment.

What I’m surprised with, is the fact that Kim Kardashian is the one who made Olaplex so popular. She was talking about this wonderful method, which enabled her to have her hair lightened up, turning strands from black into blond, without causing even the tiniest damage. I didn’t want to be like Kim, because I didn’t need any lighting up of my hair. I just wanted my strands to get rebuilt again.

The complete course of Olaplex treatment lasts approximately an hour. How is the regeneration process with Olaplex performed? Firstly, my hair was coated with Olaplex Bond Multiplier, which was applied on my damp and towelled hair. This stage lasted approximately 20 minutes. After that, my hair became coated with a preparation, this time with an active substance called Olaplex Bond Perfector. No rinsing off! Another 20 minutes have to be devoted to this stage. And that’s pretty all. After washing and blow drying, it appeared that the effects are nothing but outstanding!

The visible effects of Olaplex swept me off my feet. I don’t regret any pound I paid for the treatment. What has changed? Previously, my hair was considerably damaged – strands used to tangle as the ends were always split. After applying numerous of conditioners and hair masks, one could describe my hair as simply okay. Olaplex has proved that I was being far from having healthy hair. The improvement Olaplex gifted me with is extraordinary.

My hair has become deeply regenerated – strands are smooth and full. Despite their total moisturization and smoothness, the strands aren’t heavy. Now, my hair has a kind of delicacy and lightness, yet if grabbed I can feel it being strong and healthy. And the combing! The problem of constantly tangled hair disappeared once and for all.

In my opinion, Olaplex reviews are not overestimated. I will encourage everyone to undergo Olaplex treatment and gift their hair with what it really needs. Your strands are totally worth it!