walnut oil

Walnut oil is extracted from nuts or flesh of walnut fruits. This plant comes from central Asia. At present, this plant is grown in California, France, China, Chile and Italy. The finest walnut oil should be cold pressed and non-refined.

Because of many fatty acids, vitamins and minerals present in walnut oil, the product is recommended for both skin and hair care. It has healing and caring features. What is more, it enhances work of circulatory, cardiovascular and nervous system while it helps with fighting against skin diseases and prevents joints inflammation. Furthermore, walnut oil finds its application also in cosmetics.

It is perfect at skin moisturization, healing small wounds and scars, acne and psoriasis.

Walnut oil is also used for hair care. It protect strands from solar radiation (it includes natural sun protection filter 3-4), hot or cool air and from all possible impurities that come from the external environment. How it is possible? Thanks to application of walnut oil, an invisible barrier is created around hair. The product moisturizes and gifts damaged hair with gloss. What is more, it makes hair soft and smooth to the touch. Additionally, it regulates level of sebum produced by scalp and maintains appropriate level of hair moisturization. Basically, it can be helpful with fighting against scalp ailments such as dandruff, psoriasis and itchiness.

If we would like to have gorgeous hair that is well taken care of, it is a good idea to apply walnut oil from the inside and outside. By consuming or rubbing the oil into scalp, hair restores shine and softens. What is more, such a procedure accelerates hair growth. Additionally, structure and hair roots become nourished and strengthened in a considerable way. It is a good idea to combine walnut oil with egg yolk. Such a mixture works even better when wrapped with a towel. The hair mask has to be rinsed after an hour.