sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is a widely known product not only in food but also in cosmetic industry. It is extracted from sunflower seeds, the plant that comes from South America – now grown worldwide. Generally, it is advised to store sunflower oil in a fridge.

It can be used for three months since opened. Sunflower oil has rejuvenating and regenerating features.

Sunflower oil designed for cooking is not suitable for cosmetic treatments. The proportions and concentration of ingredients differ from cosmetic sunflower oil. What is more, oil used for cooking is refined, so in other words, deprived of all nourishing substances.

If applied on hair, the oil is able to prevent dehydration and frizziness of hair. Sunflower oil moisturizes scalp, strengthens, and nourishes hair roots. It makes hair smooth, soft, and shiny. What is more, the oil is widely used for various cream, mask and hair care cosmetics production. It can be also added to numerous homemade preparations. How to prepare a sunflower oil hair conditioner at home? The oil has to be mixed with lavender oil, olive oil and a spoon of honey. The mixture has to be poured into a bottle made of dark glass. Such a conditioner should be stored in a dark place, and kept away from moisture. Right before application, the conditioner has to be warmed up in a water bath, and then rubbed into scalp and hair. After 30 minutes, the mixture has to be rinsed using a delicate shampoo. Hair should be left air-dried.

The best sunflower oil is the one that was cold pressed and, at the same time, was not refined. Why? When the seeds are warmed up and when they are undergoing purification processes then the greater part of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other nourishing substances are simply destroyed. Once again, it is extremely crucial to store sunflower oil in a dark-glassed bottle.