Macadamia oil

Macadamia oil is extracted from nuts of a tree carrying the same name. The plant grows wild in Australia and is commonly farmed in Hawaii and North Africa. Macadamia nuts are coated with bright green shell, inside of which we can find a white fruit hidden in a hard, brown shell. Macadamia oil loses its properties within eight months since the first opening of a bottle containing the product.

Macadamia oil has plenty of applications in various areas of life.

It is used, for example, for production of anti-ageing and moisturizing cosmetics. What is also interesting, macadamia oil has the most effective anti-cellulite working out of all the oils available on the market. However, primarily this natural product is used for hair care. Why is that? Because it carries numerous valuable features: it is able to protect from solar radiation, moisturize, smooth, and nourish. Obviously, such manner of working is characteristic for the product that was not chemically processed. In other words, high quality macadamia oil has to be cold pressed and non-refined.

Because of its prompt speed of absorption, macadamia oil is a very popular cosmetic used for hair care. The oil can be compared with sebum (produced by scalp) in terms of the composition. When it comes to the oil’s manner of working, it is good at counteracting moisturization loss. For that very reason, hair regeneration processes are significantly accelerated. What is more, macadamia oil brings out satisfying results when combined with other oils (chamomile, tea tree, argan, aloe or alga oils). Such a mixture counteracts dandruff, stimulates hair growth, protects strands against UV radiation, and rebuilds split ends.

How does macadamia oil treatment look like? The procedure has to begin with warming up just small amount of the cosmetic. The next step is to apply it on hair and scalp. After that, all the strands have to be separated by precise combing. Thanks to this technique, it is way easier for the oil to penetrate all the strands evenly. After more or less two hours the oil can shampooed. It is suggested applying macadamia oil on air-dried hair ends.

Which macadamia oil is the best?

Not every oil penetrates skin and hair as fast to be called ‘vanishing oil.’ The only exception is 100% organic, unrefined and cold-pressed Macadamia Oil by Nanoil which is entirely made of certified oil of the finest quality. With the aid of such product hair and body care is taken to the new level. Rich in EFAs (including rare omega-7 acid), vitamins A and E as well as B-group vitamins, the oil:nanoil madacamia oil

  • rejuvenates
  • maintains skin hydration
  • nourishes and regenerates
  • leaves skin soft
  • noticeably smooths hair out
  • is antioxidant
  • protects skin and hair
  • removes cellulite and stretch marks

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