evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil is extracted from the plant that has yellow, white, or pink blossoms and, obviously, carries the very same name as the oil. Evening primrose oil comes from North and South America. Some species can be also found in Europe. This oil is a component of many food supplements that are used for treatments aiming at improving hair condition. What is more, this natural product affects condition of skin and nails.

It contains the highest concentration of healing and pain-killing substances.

Evening primrose oil may be used as a weapon against itchiness, dandruff and other scalp ailments. It limits sebum production, which makes hair look fresh for longer. At the same time, the oil influences hair condition. With regular use, evening primrose oil smooths, moisturizes, and nourishes strands. Moreover, it does not only make hair way easier to set but also facilitates combing. Additionally, the product shields hair against solar radiation.

What is also interesting, evening primrose oil is recommended for those who suffer form excessive hair loss. The product strengthens hair roots, which has a tremendous impact on hair growth. Therefore, it is a good idea for men who have noticed first signs of baldness to benefit from evening primrose oil hair treatment. Similar treatments will be also useful for those who frequently set hair using devices producing heat (a blow-dryer, a hair curler, a hair iron). The product creates a barrier that protects strands from hot air. Moreover, evening primrose oil shields hair against harmful working of factors deriving from the external environment like, for example, exhaust fumes.

How to apply evening primrose oil? It can be put on either dry or damp hair, before or after shampooing. Also, the oil works good when mixed with hair products bought in a drugstore or the ones made at home. Just several drops of evening primrose oil added to a hair mask or a shampoo will work wonders to scalp and hair.