coconut oil

Coconut oil is extracted due to the process of warming up and pressing the white flesh of coconut palm tree nuts. It can be purchased in two states of matter. When solid, coconut oil has white colour and pleasant coconut flavour. As a liquid, it is characterized by rather yellowish shade. Moreover, coconut oil is an extraordinary product because when it comes into direct contact with the skin it simply starts to melt.

This in turn facilitates faster absorption and penetration of all the nourishing substances deep into all skin layers.

Generally, coconut oil should be applied on dry, unruly, and dull hair. The product contains proteins that are similar in composition to the molecules building human hair. Therefore, the oil penetrates strands way faster as the nourishing substances are absorbed in a more efficient way. Coconut oil can be used as a conditioner that has to be washed down by a delicate shampoo. What is more, this natural product can be mixed with other oils or added to a favourite shampoo to enhance its working. Basically, it facilitates combing if applied on curly and tangled hair.

What is stunning about coconut oil is the fact that it is able to neutralize free radicals – in other words, the oil takes care of youthful look of our skin and hair. Additionally, it supports immune system of an organism as it helps with counteracting plenty of face and body skin diseases.

If used for home treatments, coconut oil may produce marvellous effects. Firstly, it nourishes scalp and strengthens hair roots. At the same time, it makes strands healthier as the growth of hair is accelerated. Secondly, coconut oil is able to moisturize and restore gloss to hair. As a result, hair becomes soft to the touch. What is more, the oil counteracts frizzy and electrified hair. Thirdly, this natural oil supports eliminating dandruff and sebum produced by scalp. Moreover, it is advisable to apply coconut oil when having hairdresser’s treatments done frequently (i.e. perm or hair dyeing). Finally, thanks to regular application of the product, all the future damages of hair structure can be prevented.